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k a m y l l e

The Latest PoT OAV: NATIONALS!!!!


A new OAV for PoT is going to be released sometime in 2006, and it's gonna be the Nationals! I saw a pic of Higachu animated, and DAMN! This looks to be a good one!

*dances around*

Kikumaru playing singles doubles-style! YUKIMURA IN PLAYING FORM!

*thuds to floor*

In other news... I just saw Genius 292 (couldn't read a word of it, since I can't read Japanese), and hoo-boy, looks like it's the day of reckoning between Golden Pair and Platinum Pair... Kikumaru's got incredibly high stamina now... Oishi, Shishido and Ohtori are sweating rivers, but there's hardly a drip on Eiji.


Oh, and there's a moment towards the end when Shishido looks like he has Kaidoh's eyes... Not the eyebrows, but the eyes.
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